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Concrete Wet Curing Film
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EVETM Concrete Curing Film is made of special high molecular material composited with Polyethylene (PE) film, which can adsorb moisture 200times weight of its own. After the process of full adsorption of water, the high molecular material will become transparent crystal changing from liquid form back into solid form. The absorbed water will permeate and moisten the concrete continuously through the capillary structure of the curing film, simultaneously; during the heat-transmission evaporation the water from concrete would be reabsorbed and reused. That is why EVETM Concrete Curing Film can keep a greater relative humidity of 90% moisture or even more during the whole curing process. What is more important, people only need to water the concrete once and that is enough for the whole curing period.

EVETM Concrete Curing Film distinguishes itself from common film by saving 95% water to harvest a better effect, reducing the cost and labor cost. Such once for all things keep you away from trouble.

The Superior Performance of EVETM Concrete Curing Film:

Excellent Water-saving Property 
During the curing period, EVETM Concrete Curing Film can save more than 95% water--- People only need to commit the watering action once when they are paving the concrete.

Long Term Moisturize Lasting 
During the entire curing period, the film keeps concrete surfaces moist.

Effective Thermal Insulation 
Under the thermalization action of the concrete, temperature inside the curing film is (4-10)℃ higher than the temperature outside; It also adjusts the temperatures from inner concrete, concrete surface and the environment, avoiding the possible crack risk caused by temperature diverse.

Guarantee a Clean and Tidy Construction Environment 
EVETM Concrete Curing Film makes construction site clean and tidy, maintenance road color uniform and without quicksand, which greatly improves the image of the construction;

The biodegradable material of EVETM Concrete Curing Film makes the film an environment friendly product.

The Terminator for Tiny Cracks of Concrete 
Good insulation and moisturizing properties can effectively inhibit the generation of micro-cracks.

Strengthened Function of Concrete 
Good insulation and moisturizing properties, can effectively improve the strength of concrete

Anti-carbonation of Concrete 
The ability of anti-carbonation of concrete is much higher than other curing methods.

Improvement of Abrasion Resistance 
The outstanding abrasion resistance of concrete created with EVE curing film is 1/10 of our national related abrasion resistance standard, this property is an advantage.

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